The beginning of the FCI’s Plan for the Future

The last six months have seen a great deal of hard work, adaptation, changes and planning. They have also been the first six months of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s new plan for the future and during this time we have reached a consensus on working together to build a platform for the new FCI.

Ever since the very first day on which I became chairman, I have been determined that the FCI would begin this new era strengthened and united, in order to face up to the challenges that lay ahead of us all, and to make the changes needed in order to convert the FCI into a proactive organisation which would benefit not only our members but - far more importantly - the dogs of the world.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
Conference on the welfare of dogs and cats in the EU
Brussels - October 28th

On October 28th the European Commission organised for the first time a conference about dogs and cats in the EU. The conference took place in Brussels and was headed by Mr Tonio Borg, Commissioner for Health.

16 speakers were invited, representing universities, MEPs, veterinarians, animal welfare organisations, health ministries of EU countries, and to represent the organised dog world, Jørgen Hindse, President of the FCI Europe Section, was invited.

There were about 500 persons attending the conference, representing 27 EU countries, and with direct interpretation to 11 languages. Jørgen Hindse’s contribution was in the programme presented like this:

Abstract of the speech by Mr. Hindse “Improving breeding: how can we do it?”

Breeding of dogs are closely linked to judges’ understanding of the breeds standards for the different FCI breeds. Jørgen Hindse showed one example of a breed standard and how it can be understood and how it can be used or misused.

He did also explain how breeding is organised in the FCI system, and how the FCI Breeding Rules force the breeders to follow the instructions from the FCI Breeding Commission. A special point is exaggerations and how to avoid them.

There was a large range of topics at the conference: General animal welfare, stray dogs, animal transportation, risks of infection from animals to humans, puppy farming, responsible pet ownership, legislation, etc.