The beginning of the FCI’s Plan for the Future

The last six months have seen a great deal of hard work, adaptation, changes and planning. They have also been the first six months of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s new plan for the future and during this time we have reached a consensus on working together to build a platform for the new FCI.

Ever since the very first day on which I became chairman, I have been determined that the FCI would begin this new era strengthened and united, in order to face up to the challenges that lay ahead of us all, and to make the changes needed in order to convert the FCI into a proactive organisation which would benefit not only our members but - far more importantly - the dogs of the world.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
In memoriam Bernhard Meyer

It is with great sadness that we must bid farewell to our Chief Executive Bernhard Meyer who died on 3 December at the age of 55.

Bernhard Meyer worked with the German Kennel Club, Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen, since 1986. He was a man of outstanding character who, over decades and with immense passion and commitment, exerted such a positive influence on the VDH.

We shall remain extremely indebted to him and always hold his memory in the highest esteem.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family.

Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen
President`s Office and Executive Committee
and all VDH colleagues

Meeting of the FCI General Committee in Helsinki - 29-30 October, 2013

During their meeting in Helsinki, the FCI General Committee, under Chairman Rafael de Santiago (PR), addressed and discussed many important issues, among which proposals from several FCI commissions and various requests from the FCI member countries. The discussions took place in a very friendly atmosphere. The FCI General Committee wishes to thank the Finnish Kennel Club for their great hospitality.

Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director

From left to right: Dinky Benedicto Santos, Gerard Jipping, Rafael de Santiago, Tamas Jakkel, Carla Molinari, Kari Järvinen, Miguel Ángel Martínez, Stefan Stefik, Jorgen Hindse and Yves De Clercq.

News from the FCI headquarters

MM G. Jipping, Vice-president of the FCI, J. Hindse, member of the FCI General Committee, Y. De Clercq, FCI Executive Director, and R. Mouligneau, Architect, at the FCI headquarters, revising and controlling the Offices extension works which started in the second half of September this year.

See you again there in the next future !

© Jean-Charles Corliano

Information about the Hungarian canine organisation (MEOE)
András Korózs

We are pleased to inform all FCI members and contract partners, sympathisers and friends that on December 9th, 2013 a problematic 14-year period was ended in our Club: the MEOE received its State appointment from the Agriculture Ministry.

From today, we are entitled to issue export pedigrees and kennel names, we can deal with any issue related with the breed clubs, we can issue state- and FCI-recognised pedigrees, we can organise FCI exhibitions and other canine events.

Thanks for all the help and encouragement we received from the FCI community during this critical period for the MEOE and from lots of friends during the past difficult years.

András Korózs
President of the MEOE

Slovenian canine organisation: elections to take place

On November 29th, 2013 an Extraordinary General Assembly meeting was held at the Slovenian canine organisation. There was only one point on the agenda: whether there would be a new presidential term of office for the current president of the Slovenian canine organisation, Mr Blaz Kavcic.

The result of the democratic vote was as follows:
75 members voted not to entrust Mr Kavcic with chairmanship, which means that Mr Kavcic is no longer President of the Slovenian canine organisation.

ln the future, there will be tendered elections for the new president of the Slovenian canine organisation. The Cynological Association of Slovenia will inform about the name of the new president in due time.

Jozef Roman Grah
President of the Slovenian canine organisation’s Supervisory Board

Dog Health Workshop – new date!

The 1st International workshop on enhancement of genetic health in pedigree dogs was arranged in 2012 by the Swedish Kennel Club. The event, also known as the Dog Health Workshop 2012, gathered about 140 stakeholders from more than 20 countries. The participants represented different groups that share a responsibility for dog health, such as geneticists, veterinarians and representatives from kennel clubs and animal welfare organisations.

2nd Dog Health Workshop 2015
Actions needed to enhance the genetic health in dogs were suggested and international working groups are now formed to pursue the work further. On February 14-15 2015 the German Kennel Club will arrange the second Dog Health Workshop in Dortmund to support the process.

For additional information about the Dog Health Workshop and the latest news, please visit the website

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