The beginning of the FCI’s Plan for the Future

The last six months have seen a great deal of hard work, adaptation, changes and planning. They have also been the first six months of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale’s new plan for the future and during this time we have reached a consensus on working together to build a platform for the new FCI.

Ever since the very first day on which I became chairman, I have been determined that the FCI would begin this new era strengthened and united, in order to face up to the challenges that lay ahead of us all, and to make the changes needed in order to convert the FCI into a proactive organisation which would benefit not only our members but - far more importantly - the dogs of the world.

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Rafael de Santiago
President of the FCI
"Harriet" top dog

Dogs4All, this year’s main event for dog lovers in Norway, was hosted at Lillestrom, and the Norwegian Kennel Club hopes all guest, visitors and competitors enjoyed their weekend at Norway Trade Fairs!

16-17 November were two memorable days, with highlights being a Nordic championship in Obedience and three Norwegian championships (Agility, Junior handling and Heelwork to music, respectively).

Dog of the Year

This weekend was also the conclusion of the Norwegian Kennel Club’s annual “Dog of the Year”-competition. Up until this weekend, several dogs were in contention for the title, and finally, the fantastic Greyhound Jet’s Just Take Me Home Tonight (Harriet) received the “Dog of the Year”-award, and could officially title itself as the most winning dog in Norway in 2013!

Best In Show

After receiving the «Dog of the Year»-award, the party wasn’t quite over for Harriet, who was one of many exquisite dogs in the Best in Show-finale. Judge Paul Stanton had the difficult task of finding his favourite among the quality line-up.

In the end, Harriet brought home yet another triumph this day, and could enter the podium as Best in Show at the biggest dog show in Norway.

The Norwegian Kennel Club congratulate owners and breeders Espen Engh and Åge Gjetnes with a wonderful finish to a sensation year, and hope that Harriet will have a wonderful show during the Eukanuba World Challenge in Miami in December, and wish all three of you the best of luck!

Best In Show- DOGS4ALL 2013 – congratulations to the top four!

Name Breed Owner
1 Jet’s Just Take Me Home Tonight Greyhound Espen Engh
2 Shyloch Obama Kerry blue terrier Helge Kvivesen
3 Antudor Accidentally In Love Welsh Corgi Pembroke Rita Tilley Wilberg
4 Gjermaa’s Idunn Dunker Hound Sigmund Ask Johansen